Let me tell you about Tiffany….

This is being written with permission from Tiffany….

3 years ago I met Tiffany.  She was single, pregnant and working at a locally owned store.  I kidded her about “chunking up a bit” when I realized she was preganant. She laughed and told me she was pregnant.  I asked her how she felt about that and the response was a very negative “NO, …I’m not marrying the father ”  I looked her in the eye and said “Tiff, that wasn’t what I ask you.”  Her reply was remorseful but she’d been overwhelmed by everyone giving her their opinion of the situation.  She said she was excited but nervous.  I said “so now we need to buy you a house.”  Her response was, “I’ll never be able to buy a house.”  My response…”not with that attitude you won’t be able to.”  And  so started an adventure….

Tiffany went back to school, got a better paying job, met with a loan officer, cleared her collections/debits and then got an even better paying job.  Tiffany’s little boy was born, “J.”   We started looking at houses but the areas were marginal and the houses even more so.  By chance, I had a rental coming up that I showed her.  And I told her, “You might not be able to do something like this but let’s at least look at nicer homes than we have been.  You both deserve something nice.”  Tiffany returned to the loan officer.  Her credit was improved, her income was improved but most of all her attitude was improved.

Tiffany had worked hard over 3 years and in July, I sold Tiffany my rental house.  It’s a great location, a great home and it was the first house I ever bought on my own.  I was so happy for them that letting go of that house was easy for me.  I’d owned it 20 years.  It has great memories for me (as well as some sad ones, too).  But now it is making memories for Tiffany and J.  I love to see the photos of J playing in the apple tree, family dinner photos and birthday party photos she posts on Facebook.  But mostly I love my job.  To help a family purchase something that will change their lives forever is something most people don’t get to do as a job.  But I do…and I love it.


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